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As one of the world’s largest IT Service Providers, our deep pool of over 130 certified engineers and IT support staff
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The rapid pace of disruption is challenging the risk and resilience strategies of global organizations, prompting them to transform more frequently and swiftly. In this context, our recent cybersecurity research brings to light a noteworthy trend: certain organizations are leveraging cybersecurity as a key differentiating factor to achieve superior business results. These organizations, referred to as “cyber transformers,” are nearly six times more likely to undergo highly effective digital transformations compared to their counterparts. Our research delves into the distinctive practices and approaches adopted by these cyber transformers, shedding light on the factors that set them apart from the rest.ris

As one of the world’s largest IT Service Providers, our deep pool of over 130 certified engineers and IT support staff

For all the opportunities hybrid everything offers today’s businesses, it also fuels an increasingly sophisticated and complex threat landscape. As organizations continue to pivot toward supporting remote workers, they are under growing pressure to bolster their defenses against new cyber threats targeting these hybrid workers and their virtual workspaces

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Building companywide Technology Quotient (TQ)

The TQ is how we build and demonstrate our understanding of transformative technologies and how they deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. From the C-suite to the front line, employees at all levels will need to develop a TQ to drive successful reinvention.

Digital transformation is the process by which companies embed technologies across their businesses to drive fundamental change. 

Shift to experience-led open platform models to become unstoppable providers of next-generation IP services and immersive customer experiences.

Leverage real-time data, AI, and lightning-fast connectivity to redesign the value B2B customers get from industrial products and services.

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Generative AI for everyone

Imagine every employee in your company had an assistant that “knew” everything your organization had ever known—the entire history, context, nuance and intent of the business and its operations—and could process, analyze and use that information in a matter of seconds, in infinitely repeatable ways.

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